Power BI Governance Intro

by Ross McNeely

Practice Manager, Enterprise Data Management

Establishing a Power BI Governance program allows for greater control and authority when creating policies and best practices. Organizations with an existing Data Governance committee will be able to quickly create Power BI policies. Power BI best practices will naturally be incorporated at organizations with existing Data Governance.

Organizations without Data Governance can use Power BI as an opportunity to launch the program. Begin by establishing a committee to identify and create best practices. Focus on the key functions of Power BI and aligning with core functions for standardization.

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What your focus should be will depend on your organization, team, and individual skillsets. Creating standards will make it easier to develop other key governance tools.

For example, a business glossary and terminology documentation for users to access on each visual produced. Identifying data as an asset will allow your organization to value data for regulatory compliance, and for opportunity analysis.

Use your Power BI Governance program to engage and coordinate with the Enterprise Architecture team to achieve better support of the system.

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