Scalable Processes that Match Business Growth

The Business Challenge:

Our customer’s business is retail oriented, with multiple locations in cities across the U.S. Each of these entities have a relatively complex commission structure strategic to their compensation plans.

In order to complete payroll each pay period, their managers worked through a complex calculation process for each job and sent the results to the payroll team. This process was collectively consuming over 50,000 working hours per year and error prone; so, as their company grew; it became more and more apparent that they’d scaled past their current processes.   On top of this, it was time consuming to provide transparency into the calculations as there was little visibility into the data.

Solution: Centralize & Automate Data

We built a reporting data warehouse to centralize and automate the data collection process; commission calculation and provided reports that gave the employees visibility to the calculation and the underlying data to support it.

We created API calls to source the data from a Cloud based management system and created SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) workflows to integrate the data and different sources; ultimately storing it in a SQL Server 2016 Data Warehouse. We created commission plan reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).



Our customer has an automated system that gives their employees visibility to the compensation reports and has reduced the cost of each payroll period through decreased time investment and managerial oversite needed to complete the process.

The payroll department has also experienced a reduction in the amount of time in the process; allowing them to focus on other tasks. The new solution also created a standardized process and calculations behind commission payment to create an auditable trail, reducing risk.

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