Enterprise Reporting from Different Data Sources Gains Insight into Multiple Business Units

The Business Problem:

Our customer needed a solution for enterprise reporting; primarily sales data for high volume parts and large vehicle sales.  They have a variety of systems including manufacturing applications on the mainframe and their ERP system Microsoft Dynamics AX; and many of the business units reported from different data sources. There were also only a few sales reports for their main business unit and they were all pulling from very denormalized table data sources, which was not very efficient.

Solution: Enterprise Data Warehouse & Reporting

We designed and built Enterprise Data Warehouse for reporting using SQL Server 2016 and SQL Server Integrations Services and implemented Microsoft Power BI for reporting.



Our customer now has a data warehouse that can support the data loads from their multiple data sources.

Power BI reports are now being written, which show data for each business unit or at an enterprise level. Our customer has an enterprise source of information that help them gain insight into their many business units.

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