Creating Unique Metrics from a Variety of Sources

The Business Opportunity:

This Case Study showcases our ability to create unique metrics from a variety of data sources using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and Microsoft Power BI.

The business wanted to analyze specific accounting data in their ERP system; Microsoft Dynamics AX.

They wanted to analyze and understand the details in Accounts Receivable; specifically; customer payment reporting including Days Sales Outstanding, Open AR, Invoice Amount and Work In Progress (WIP).

Solution: Create a Days Sales Outstanding Report

We started out by vetting the data and measures in the existing model. The data was in the Data Warehouse but the measures were not being calculated correctly.

We worked with the business to figure out the calculations for the measures and created a different report to be used to vet the data and measures.

We recreated the existing report in Power BI based on business needs and requirements. We used the new measures in the report to deliver a more accurate view of the data.

The data was in Microsoft Dynamics AX, so we pulled the data in through daily load. Our data model was in SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), and we used Power BI to report on the Data.



The DSO report provided metrics on invoices, accounts receivable, sales, work in progress etc., and insights into which clients were taking longer to fulfill their invoices.

This insight was used by Project Managers to help them understand why invoices were not being fulfilled on time and decide on contracts and contract revisions.

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