T.W.I.N.S. Center Brochure

What types of services are offered through T.W.I.N.S?

Our Near Sourcing Center is an extension of our onsite resources, so, it’s staffed with the same and similar skills in Data Architecture, Development, Analysis, Design, Modeling, and planning. In fact, your solution might call for flexible onsite and offsite resources.

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Look to our T.W.I.N.S. Center for:

► Project Analysis and scope definition, sizing, POC response development. For example, building a scope document for budgeting purposes.

► Data Architecture, analysis, design, modeling, planning and Power BI Development

► Data migration services: Analysis, modeling, mapping, migration.

► Azure and on-premise SQL Server remote Database Administration, 24/7 Monitoring and Support, Azure Resource Deployment Services, Azure Resource Migration Services.

Why use our T.W.I.N.S. Center?

Geographical extension, cost savings:

We can be a geographic extension of your onsite resources. Do your project needs extend beyond the current available technical resources in your area? Is your company located where the cost of resources is high?

The cost and availability of technical resources vary a great deal by location; the cost of resources on the coasts are much higher than the Midwest.

Cost savings through flexible Resource Utilization:

While most projects do not require a full time Sr. Data Architect for an entire project, they may need a Sr. Data Architect at the inception and periodically during its lifecycle. By engaging T.W.I.N.S. Data Developers, Architects, Data Analysts can be deployed according to the project needs, full and part-time, resulting in cost savings.

Work continuity and knowledge retention:

What happens when you lose a valuable technical resource and a report stops working? Companies scramble to find a replacement and the business struggles for information. T.W.I.N.S. can offer immediate assistance to short- and long-term resource needs; better yet, we can help you plan for them in advance.

An alternative to international outsourcing:

The Midwest has a lower cost of living than the coasts, yet it shares the rich privilege of incredible technical resources, stable infrastructure, common language, reasonable time-zones and secure connections to your data. We also have a shared legal system for the protection of intellectual property through common law and copyright law; plus, our proximity enhances your ability to audit and track results; all of these are good reasons to keep your data projects here.

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