Application Development

Unlock your Digital Potential:
Application Development Services Tailored to Your Business Needs

From concept to reality, our comprehensive Application Development services encompass the entire lifecycle of transforming ideas into robust and scalable solutions. Our team of skilled experts combines meticulous planning, innovative architecture design, and seamless development to deliver bespoke applications that align precisely with your business objectives.

What We Do


As a trusted Microsoft Solutions Partner, we have deep expertise in leveraging a diverse range of Azure components, such as: Functions, App Insights, Serverless Deployment (such as Azure App Service) , and App Registrations. With our extensive understanding of Azure’s capabilities, we empower businesses by building robust and efficient applications tailored to their unique needs.

Web Assets:

Our Web Asset services encompass two main categories: APIs and Front End Development. APIs, which serve as intermediary technologies, power a majority of today’s applications worldwide. Meanwhile, our Front End expertise ranges from creating stunning user interfaces (UIs) to building efficient and functional business screens. We leverage technologies such as React, Angular, and more to deliver exceptional results.


In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the security of your applications and data is especially critical. We bring extensive knowledge and expertise in leveraging a diverse array of technologies to effectively lock down access. Rest assured that we employ up-to-date and highly effective tools to provide robust protection for your valuable assets.

Dev Ops:

Our DevOps services include two key deliverables: CICD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment) pipelines and Git-flow integration Streamline your software development with automated processes and collaborative code management, or optimize your software delivery pipeline with our comprehensive DevOps solutions.


Need applications strategically designed, wireframed and estimated?

Tail Wind offers comprehensive Application Architecture services, including wireframing, estimation, problem solutioning, and cost analysis for infrastructure. Our true value lies in asking critical questions, exploring alternative approaches, and providing valuable suggestions to optimize problem-solving strategies. We deliver insightful and innovative solutions tailored to your needs.


Need to deliver data between disparate sources?

Our API Development services include a range of essential technologies and skills: .NET Core (ASP.NET) Web API development, SQL/database expertise, networking and server configuration, Azure components, App Registrations, DevOps, CICD pipelines, and more. Leveraging our expertise in these areas, we deliver robust and scalable APIs that precisely align with your unique requirements.


Need to develop elegant and effective end-user interfaces for your apps?

At Tail Wind, we have extensive experience in UI/UX Development, utilizing a broad range of technologies. Some of the key technologies we employ include Angular, React, Node.js, Azure components, DevOps practices, repository management, and App Registrations. With our proficiency in these tools, we create immersive and engaging user experiences that captivate and delight your audience.


Need help deploying custom applications to an Azure environment?

Tail Wind offers extensive expertise in Azure set-up, covering a wide range of skills. Our proficiencies include creating Virtual Machines, setting up IIS, deploying applications into app services, Azure App Registration work, seamless integration with Active Directory for secure authentication, and more.

Additionally, we specialize in establishing efficient DevOps processes, excelling in creation of CICD pipelines for seamless code integration. With skills in branching, merging, pull requests, and code sniffers, we ensure streamlined code management. Leverage our expertise to automate deployments across Dev, Test, and beyond.

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