Contract Services

We provide more than “candidates”; we deliver pre-qualified Information Technology Professionals.

We Offer Full and Part-time IT Consultants to Work As Members of Your IT Team

They are Project Managers, Business Analysts, Application and Database Developers, Enterprise Data Architects, Power BI Developers, Data Scientists, Cloud Architects, and DBAs to name a few.

Our proactive process will help you meet immediate staffing needs and plan for the future. Whether you have a need to contract one or two resources to augment a current project team or you are building a complete team for a new major development effort; we’ll find the specific skills and experience you need to meet your project timelines.

Contract Resources

IT professionals that Tail Wind provides on a time and material basis. Often called “Consultants”; these are our resources working on your team. We hire contract resources as employees of our company and then contract them into your firm; for full and part-time work as part of your team.

Why Use Consultants?


Consultants can add a high level of expertise to your project; if they are carefully selected, you’ll benefit quickly, and your return will be remarkable. Consultants love their work because it offers variety and challenge; they are often the leaders in their field, serving as subject matter experts and mentors to the industry.   In short, they have had the benefit of working with a variety of systems and technologies.

Cost savings:

Carefully selected consultants will save you time, add value and help you get that project completed on time and budget. The most costly project is often the one that remains unfinished. Selecting consultants that have the right level of expertise for each role is critical.

Resource extension:

So, your project needs extend beyond your available resources? What’s neat about Tail Wind is that you can quickly tap into our onsite and offsite talent!

Why Utilize Tail Wind Consultants?

We work best when we can promote open dialog with our customers key constituents within a project; if given the opportunity, we’ll match the needs of your project with the skills of our resources and we’ll add value at all levels! We work hard to find, train, mentor and retain talented technical people that love what they do!

Need Additional Resources?

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