Consolidate your legacy data systems with our custom-built archival solution

What is Data Debt?

Data debt happens when a company is paying recurring fees to maintain legacy systems that get more vulnerable and less useful as they age. Legacy system vendors charge substantial maintenance fees to provide continued access to data. There are also hardware, labor, and operational costs for keeping each legacy system running. Spending on legacy systems is costly and leaves less money for more important healthcare or tech investments.

The Solution

ArchivEHR is Tail Wind’s archival solution for retiring legacy data systems. ArchivEHR consolidates your systems to a simple, single source of legacy data that can be maintained for a fraction of the cost.

Tail Wind can help you decommission legacy systems while remaining compliant with medical data records and archival requirements. Leverage ArchivEHR to retire systems and the maintenance costs and security risks that accompany them. We compile your legacy data into a custom-built archive that can be accessed as needed, hosted locally, or hosted in the cloud.

ArchivEHR can consolidate systems such as:

  • Allscripts
  • Care Facts
  • Cerner Hospice
  • American HealthTech
  • NextGen
  • Meditech
  • McKesson
  • Infor/Lawson
  • Custom legacy systems
ArchivEHR: Custom-built legacy data system archive | Tail Wind

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