Consolidate your legacy data systems with our custom-built archival solution

What is Data Debt?

Data debt happens when a company is paying recurring fees to maintain legacy systems that get more vulnerable and less useful as they age. Legacy system vendors charge substantial maintenance fees to provide continued access to data. There are also hardware, labor, and operational costs for keeping each legacy system running. Spending on legacy systems is costly and leaves less money for more important healthcare or tech investments.

The Solution:

This challenge is prevalent across many hospitals and healthcare organizations. They often maintain legacy systems long after they’ve been operationally replaced and are forced to absorb the cost until they are allowed to retire the systems and data. That’s why ArchivEHR was created – to allow our clients to cut costs, consolidate data, and streamline processes, all with a single solution.

Archivehr Interface Screenshot Mockup

ArchivEHR is Tail Wind’s archival solution for retiring legacy data systems. ArchivEHR consolidates your systems to a simple, single source of legacy data that can be maintained for a fraction of the cost.

Tail Wind can help you decommission legacy systems while remaining compliant with medical data records and archival requirements. Leverage ArchivEHR to retire systems and the maintenance costs and security risks that accompany them. We compile your legacy data into a custom-built archive that can be accessed as needed, hosted locally, or hosted in the cloud.

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Systems We've Archived:

  • Infor Lawson
  • McKesson Finance & Materials
  • Position Manager
  • CareFacts
  • Meditech
  • Allscripts TouchWorks
  • McKesson PPM
  • NextGen
  • Avid
  • Maestro Home Health & Hospice
  • Pathlore
  • TIME Software
  • TheraDoc
  • American HealthTech
  • Cerner Hospice
  • WatchChild Fetal Monitoring
  • Greenway
  • MediWare
  • PowerPath
  • Surgiserv
  • QSFetal
  • Custom legacy systems

ArchivEHR FAQs:

Can ArchivEHR Software be purchased off the shelf?

No, ArchivEHR is a custom solution built to fit the exact needs of our clients, however, we do start with a shell.

Can ArchivEHR run on our existing infrastructure or the Cloud?

Yes, both!

How does it work?

To add a new system to ArchivEHR, Tail Wind will ask users to provide “screens” or pages that they used from the legacy system we are adding.​

The Tail Wind team will then map the underlying data into the mapping database.​ This will allow your new system and screen to show up within the solution. Most standard file types are supported, and for those that are unique to a system, we will convert them. ​ The most common file types we see coming out of health systems are:​ Word​, Excel​, RTF​, PDF​.

What about the data?

Our solution maintains your data as-is but adds an indexing solution over the top. *We may migrate the source database as-is depending on your unique situation.​ This allows our solution to be extremely flexible and deal with almost any system available.​

Who owns the data?​

You do! Our solution doesn’t remove the data. It’s mapping database simply records where to retrieve data when users ask for it. The underlying data calls still originate from a copy of your existing database. ​

How is authentication handled?​

Authentication is controlled via Azure Active Directory.

Who can access the data within ArchivEHR?​

Your organization will have an administrator, they can control which user roles can access which data.