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Each step in our process concludes with a deliverable allowing customers a checkpoint to assess what is best for their unique needs.

Data Projects Are Unique, and Customers’ Needs Vary Greatly

This is why we have created a Tail Wind Process that starts with discovery and ends with ongoing success. Each step in our process concludes with a deliverable allowing customers a checkpoint to assess what is best for their unique needs. Tail Wind doesn’t consider a project a success unless the result allows customers to continue the success.

Customer Needs Discovery

Customer Needs Discovery

Each customer’s data project needs are unique; we engage in an initial requirement gathering discussion to determine the extent of the next steps.   Our customer’s needs may range from a simple request to add one of our data professionals to their team; to building an information strategy. This Discovery Session will reveal the logical next steps in your data project.

Deliverable: Often it’s a recommendation on next steps.

Customer Requirements Gathering

Customer Requirements Gathering

Our customer’s project scope may require us to make recommendations on modern data warehouse design, building a proof of concept or an information roadmap to name just a few. So, this phase will often require legacy technology assessments, technology reviews and user surveys. Often our customers have completed some of these and look to us to make initial design recommendations for budgeting.

Deliverable: Often it’s a scope document for budgeting or resource planning.

Design Build Test

Design, Develop, Build, Testing

We have data experts at many levels; we begin the process using tools we are infinitely familiar with.   Tail Wind has Solutions Architects that can lead the design, development and testing efforts while integrating our team members (Business Intelligence Developers, Data Analysts, Data Scientists) or augmenting our customer’s staff. We can help choose the team members for each step; with technical skills assessments and assist in resource management when needed.

Deliverable: Data integration or migration project, Proof of Concept, Decision Analytics Dashboard, Modern Data Warehouse, Reporting solutions



Training, Roadmap to Self-Support

We’ll document our development process and integrate user and technical training into each step; when the successful project concludes, our customer can continue the success.

Deliverable: Project Handoff, Project Handbook.


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